Vital records (birth, death, and marriage/civil union certificates) for events that occurred in Hawaii are received and preserved by the Office of Health Status Monitoring, a unit of the Department of Health (DOH). In Hawaii, access to vital records is restricted by statute (HRS 338-18).

Certified copies of these records may be issued to authorized individuals and used for such diverse purposes as school entry, passports, Social Security participation, driver's licenses, employment, sports participation, survivor's benefits, proof of property rights, and other needs.

This is only an ordering system for certified copies of vital records. The certified copies being ordered WILL NOT be issued online as a part of your transaction. You will receive the ordered certified copies via first-class postal mail.

You may order certified copies only of birth and marriage/civil union certificates and only of records dating from July 1909 to the present on this web site. You can also order certified copies of birth and marriage/civil union certificates, and must order certified copies of death and divorce certificates (1951 through 2001) and certified copies of records dating before July 1909, through postal mail or in-person (see www.hawaii.gov/doh click on "vital records" for information).

You may order certified copies only of your own birth and marriage/civil union certificates or of an immediate family member (e.g., a parent of his/her child's birth or marriage/civil union certificate) on this web site. NOTE: This system does exact matches only. Please enter data carefully as typographical errors will result in a failure to match.